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The Flood that destroyed the world

Many years ago, there lived a man named Noah. He lived in a world which cared nothing about God. The idea of pleasing God, much less believing in Him, was unthinkable. Life was short, so it had to be filled with pleasure. But Noah was different. He cared deeply about the One who made him.

In time, God spoke to Noah, asking him to build an enormous wooden container, called an ark because He was going to destroy the world. He was terribly sad that He had created all humanity. He was grieved that the thoughts of every person on earth was constantly filled with evil. He had decided that He would destroy every living thing He had made with a flood. Nothing would survive; no one would remain alive. No one, except those in the ark.

So Noah and his sons built the ark, according to the instructions God had given him. Of course, he was ridiculed and laughed at. Yet he continued the terribly slow work of building. To those who mocked, he warned of the impending disaster the world was soon going to face. But, except his own family, no one listened. They were too busy with themselves, with pleasing only themselves, and with doing whatever it took to get what they wanted. And they were keeping very far away from God or from anyone who would get in their way.

For a long time it seemed that they were right and Noah was wrong. Nothing happened for many years. Noah was eccentric, they thought, perhaps well-meaning, but of course, he was wrong. How ridiculous the idea of a world-wide flood: scientifically impossible! But while the world was busy with itself, the day silently and suddenly came. It came after many, many years. Noah had finally finished the ark. And then something strange began to happen. Pairs of animals began to arrive. What went through the minds of those looking on, if any? Did they arrive by night? Or in broad daylight? We don’t know. But God had sent them. The time had come. Each of them entered the ark. I wonder. Is it possible that this trail of animals moved no one? Is it possible that we can be so consumed with ourselves or with mocking others, that we can be completely blind to what’s happening in front of us? Whatever they were thinking, we know that no one changed their minds.

God then told Noah to enter the ark with his wife, and his sons and their wives. When they were inside, God Himself closed the door. And then the end had come. The rains began. And for over a month, it continued until all the world was covered. The world, as every human-being had ever known, was destroyed. Swift was God’s judgment on the world.

How would you try to survive such a disaster? Do you think you could swim your way to safety? Perhaps living in a skyscraper would help. Or maybe, moving to the hills? How could you prepare? Of course, you could ignore it and pretend that it will never happen and live your life thinking such a day will never come. But when the day arrives, it will be too late.

There is one other choice you can make. You could simply trust the One who knows best. Just enter the ark. If you heard a “Noah” telling you the end is coming, you would first have to believe him. And then, you would simply follow the instructions of the One in charge. It is that simple. It is the wisest thing to do. It is the safest place to be.

We are not waiting for another worldwide flood. But the day is coming when each of us will stand before the living God. He will be as real as the sun that rises each morning. He will look into your eyes, in all His glory and splendour, and He will judge you. Everything you have ever done or said or thought will be laid bare before you, and you will be judged accordingly by the One and Only living God who created all things.

Pretending or believing that such a day will never come is a choice you can make. But it is a dangerous choice, and one that will end in eternal sorrow for you. What you do now, matters. but on that day, you will have no more choices. How you prepare for that day will determine where and how you spend eternity.

The Bible tells us that there is only one way to be saved on that day of God’s coming. That way is to place our faith in who Jesus is and what He has done. That’s it. There is simply no other way. None. He is the only way to being right with God, forever. So if God says there is only one way to Him and that it is Jesus, then that is the safest place to be. Jesus is the one and only God. Through our faith in His death on the cross, we can stand before God, on that final day, as perfectly good, right, pure, just, clean, and forever perfect. We will have passed from eternal death to eternal life. God has made a way to escape His judgment. It is right in front of you. It is Jesus. Just as Noah and his family and all those animals escaped the flood by entering the ark, so by trusting in Jesus, we are entering into the safest place of all.

Pradeep and Stefanie Rendall  | July 20 2013
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