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What you have done

Have you ever felt regret? I’m not talking about wishing you had studied another subject in school or feeling bad that you hadn’t taken that job. Have you ever regretted doing something that has brought pain to another person? Or perhaps you’ve said something to a friend or a family member that you wish you could have taken back. Maybe you’ve done something that you know is wrong and you feel guilty about it, even now. I certainly have. Our conscience is good at telling us when we’ve failed. But as time passes, our minds slowly forget. We tend to think we’re better than we really are.

But there is a real problem for all of us. Unfortunately, God does not forget. He does not see us as we see ourselves, moving from moment to moment. He sees every moment of our lives all at once. He is outside of time. He is not bound by it. You and I can’t even imagine what that’s like. The real problem for us is that we will one day come face to face with God who has not forgotten a moment of our lives. It is guaranteed to happen. All of us will face Him.

On that day, each regret we have buried will come to light. Every crime that no one has seen us commit, every thought of murder, every lustful look towards another, every single forgotten evil will be unearthed in front of Him. And we will be judged accordingly. Do you think that’s unfair? After all, you say, most of your life you were good. And anyway, there are far worse people in the world. You’re not a saint, but you’re quite high on the measuring scale.

I don’t know you. Perhaps you are actually quite a good person. What if you have been even a perfect person all your life? Well, trusting in your excellent life, today, you decide to rob a bank. You go in, smiling, very excited! You come out, thrilled, with a bag full of money. But with no prior bank-robbing experience, you get caught. Soon, you’re before a judge. But, you are not worried. "Judge," you say, "I’ve never done anything wrong before in all my life. I’ve never stolen, never lied, never cheated. Just measure what I’ve done today on the scale of my life and you’ll see I should be set free."

I dare say, you will probably think the judge to be unjust as you sit in your prison cell. The real truth (however hard it is to swallow) is that your one bank-robbery canceled an entire life of perfect behavior.

What is true is that we live in a very imperfect world. Our standards are actually quite low. We define the word "bad" as robbing a bank or killing a person or smuggling drugs. But God does not just see the outer things we do. He sees the inner person we are. He sees what we think and the motives behind everything we do (Here are a few examples). And His standard is unbelievable! It is Who He is. It is the very core of perfection.

You may say that it is very unfair of Him to expect us to live up to His standards. After all He’s perfect. We are not. And you would be right, if the country He forever expected you to live in is the one you are reading this from. But, let me assure you, it is not. He expects us to live with Him, in His Country, forever. And taking one breath in that Country is sweeter than all the breaths you have ever taken in this one, because there you will see Him face to face, as He is. There, what you want will be His pleasure and what He wants will be yours.

Know also, that this world as we know it will pass away. It will die, but you will not. You have been created as an eternal being and you, the real you- deeper and more real than your failing, broken body, will never die. And if you cannot enter the Country where He lives, you will enter another place that He has made. It is the place where He is decidedly not. Know that even here on earth, God is near. He is here, pursuing you. He is working in each one of the billions of lives that are slowly inching towards that moment of final judgment. But on the other side of His judgment, He will not dwell in the place of utter darkness that He has made. He will no longer pursue you. He will, at last, leave you forever alone. In horrifying truth, in that place, your will shall be done, forever.

When He created you, He made you to be like Him. He made you to know the difference between right and wrong and He expected you to always do what was right, just like He always does what is right. Unfortunately, what you think of yourself will, in the end, mean nothing compared with what God thinks of you. To understand this, is the first step in living a brand new life.

You must try to see yourself as God sees you. You see, the reason He continues to pursue you, even now, is that He has made a way for you be able to live in His country, forever. Something extraordinary has happened. And He has done it. But you can never understand it, unless you see how far away you are from Him.

What He has done.

Twenty centuries ago, something happened that forever altered the course of human history. God became a human being. He became a man because He did His math (Well, that’s my guess. But the official version is that He desparately loves us). Of the billions of people that stand before Him on that final day, the sum total of all who enter into His Country, on their own merits, will be zero. And so, in His passionate love for you and I, He made a way. It had never happened before and it never happened again. His name was Jesus. You can read all about him here.

Though he taught many things and did many things, Jesus came with a singular purpose. He came to take the weight of all the sins of every human-being that ever existed and ever will upon His shoulders. By suffering and dying on a Roman cross, the only One in all of time, who never sinned, took the eternal result of our sins upon Himself. God’s rightful verdict of "Guilty" forever branded upon our lives was transferred to Him. In that one moment, everything changed for us. The impenetrable door, locked by our own sins, into His Country was opened.

Do you believe this? Do you place your faith in what Jesus did outside the city of Jerusalem two-thousand years ago as the instrument through which God has forgiven your sins and declared you absolutely perfect- forever? My friend, that is precisely what you must do to receive this unmerited favor from God to you. You must believe- till you face Him- that God did this for you.

If you do not, you remain eternally separated from God and without hope on that final Day. You have nothing to say in your defence.

But if you do, then you have already begun a brand new life. His death was a doorway out of eternal death into Eternal Life. From the very moment you believe, He Himself enters into you, and begins to prepare you to live forever with Him in His country. In His eyes you now have one purpose. He has begun to move heaven and earth to simply make you like Himself. And He will never let go of you, for whom He has paid such a costly price.

On that final day, you will no longer be looking into the eyes of the final Judge of all the world. You will be looking into the eyes of your Friend and Father, whom you have known, and walked with all the days of this new life. When you enter into His Country, all your external senses will perceive Him whom you have known in your heart since you first believed.

You have placed your first step on the path of everlasting JOY.

Please contact me if you would like to know more. My friends and I would love to lead you to One who has changed our lives!

Pradeep Rendall  | July 25 2013
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